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Love of Learning Math Circle Diary

It’s Shelley here again with A Math Circle Journey. I started an online math circle for kids about 3-5th grade back in September. It has been going better than I thought! My hope with blogging about it is to share

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1001 Leaders – Ida and Anna on three generations of math circles: “Math is nice!”

Chains of colors

Why would you decide to lead a math circle? Anna Ignatov attended a math circle as a child, and then, as a mom, organized two circles for her two daughters and their friends. Since 14, Anna’s daughter Ida has been

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1001 Leaders: Make and fly boomerangs with Yutaka Nishiyama

Yutaka Nishiyama

Professor Yutaka Nishiyama(西山豊) seeks mathematics in everyday life and in cultural traditions. How does an egg roll down a slope? Why do French, Japanese, and Indian people count on their fingers in such different ways? Why do boomerangs fly? Yutaka finds

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1001 Leaders: dad and son organize Raleigh Advanced Science Club

RASC team

David Handy is a computer engineer and a homeschooling dad of four. He started a math, science, and programming science club to help youth, including his son Evan, to succeed in challenging technical studies in college, in their careers, and in

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