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Avoid Hard Work is Lots of Fun!

I recently had the chance to play around with the newest book here at Natural Math called Avoid Hard Work…and other Encouraging Mathematical Problem-Solving Tips for the Young, the Very Young, and the Young at Heart, by Maria Droujkova, James

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Lux Blox Review


One of the best things about blogging at is that I get to review books and games! That’s one benefit of having seven kids at home still, too! I asked Lux Blox if I could review their blocks and

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Making Rice & Understanding Circumference

pot of rice

Rice and circumference go together? Why, yes, they do! Yesterday, I was playing with the Going in Circles spark from the Inspired by Calculus class with my online class and my children. We did this activity. We had so much

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Poetry and Graphing Lines

Graph poetry

I recently struggled to understand limits in Calculus. One math problem in particular made me really unsure of what I was doing. I ended up asking Maria to help me understand the limit as x approached infinity. As she and

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