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Poetry and Graphing Lines

Graph poetry

I recently struggled to understand limits in Calculus. One math problem in particular made me really unsure of what I was doing. I ended up asking Maria to help me understand the limit as x approached infinity. As she and

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One Family’s Math Story

Math has been an interesting journey at our house. We homeschool and my oldest daughter taught herself to read at about 4 ½. Learning came really easily to her and she loved it! She loved all the school things that

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High School Math Circle

Hi it’s Shelley again! I started an online math circle for kids about 8th-12th grade back in September. It has been a learning challenge!. My hope is to share what we did, what worked and what didn’t work so well

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A Math Circle Journey: Follow the Story of Online Math Circles

“My brother wants to talk to you after class is over.” “Okay, that would be fine, “ I said. “What’s up Tanner?” I asked as he bumped his sister out of the webcam view. With a huge grin on his

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