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Math Is What You Make Of It

When it comes to children learning mathematics, what are your hopes and dreams? Since I founded Natural Math over twenty years ago, I have asked thousands of parents, teachers, and researchers. For our children, we dream that mathematics is relevant, makes sense, and opens the world. We hope that it doesn’t cause grief, that it feels useful, joyful, and creative. We want success in mathematics: empower children to grow and to forge their career paths.

Dr. Maria Droujkova, Founder

Natural Math offers one-on-one coaching, classes, and project consuling. Our members are math makers: children, parents, teachers, leaders, and authors. Our goal is to make all sixty subject areas of the Big Math radically accessible. If a five-year-old can be inspired by our calculus, topology, and combinatorics, then most people in the world can. To make that happen, we research and develop tools for emotional, cognitive, and social support.

Are you interested in Natural Math opportunities for your family or organization? Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Droujkova about reaching your math goals and expanding your math dreams. Email to start.

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