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  • Mathematics doesn't ALWAYS have to be for paying taxes or building bridges. It can be its own thing, and represent its own beauty and joy. From ‘How to Look at Art, Arts & Architecture’ by Ad Reinhardt, 1947.
  • Embodied Mathematics: a collection of activities for 6yo and up on the move. Functions, inverses, geometry, more.
  • Teach math that already works, that has an immediate meaning for learners, not for later. From "Understanding Design Thinking, Lean, and Agile" by Jonny Schneider.
  • Acknowledge feelings when working on math and science! Even negative feelings. Especially those.
  • Lots of feelings, hard to formulate.
  • It is the beginning of winter break and the family is off to a vacation.  The car ride ahead is many hours.  Ten minutes into the drive, Katie (8 years old) realizes that she forgot her book.  In d…
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