Spring 2023 at FUNDAPROMAT: Calculus for 5-Year-Olds Materials

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It was my pleasure to present for the wonderful math friends at the Panamanian Foundation for the Promotion of Mathematics (FUNDAPROMAT). Their mission is to change the world’s perception so that one and all can experience mathematics as accessible, relevant and inherently joyous. Check out FUNDAPROMAT events and projects!

I presented about making calculus radically accessible. As in, actually doing calculus activities with five-year-old children. Why? Because young calculus goes to show that everyone can learn advanced mathematics in kind ways! #ELI5

Natural Math What You Make It

I shared a 3-minute presentation introducing Natural Math. Then we did some activities from the math circles that I run with young mathematicians and their families. Below are the flyers that I shared, and maybe a few more relevant ones, to give context to the activities.

Natural Math Tree Fractal Flyer

Tree Fractals

Natural Math Substitution Fractals Flyer

Substitution Fractals

Bluebird Newsletter 48 - Fractal Dimension of Pomo Baskets This is a middle-school version of the activities; the flyer for my youngest group is coming up soon.

Fractal Dimension of Pomo Baskets

Fractal Dimension Slides

Math Trek - Integrals_Shapes out of Shapes

Integrals: Shapes out of Shapes

Math Trek - Integrals_Time-Lapse Vision

Integrals: Time-Lapse Vision and Shapes of Revolution


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