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A consult with Dr. Maria Droujkova

When it comes to children learning mathematics, what are your hopes and dreams? Maybe you want tonight’s homework session to pass without any tears. Are you looking for beautiful math for an artist-at-heart? Or maker activities for a little engineer? Your seven-year-old might be curious about infinity and limits. Or you might want to finally understand fractions now that the kids are learning them. Perhaps you need to help your child get ready for when-I-grow-up plans? Are you healing from severe math anxiety? Does your child have a math storybook in the works?

Let’s work together!

Let’s Get Started

Email Dr. Maria at about your consultation.

Short Consult—20 minutes—great for one specific question and answer. MESSAGE FOR A SHORT CONSULT

Family Consult—60 minutes—get help with a tough topic, heal from math anxiety, plan home learning MESSAGE FOR A FAMILY CONSULT

Organization Consult—60 minutes—get help with your math circle, class, festival, museum, online portal, community-responsive nonprofit, curriculum development, or other project MESSAGE FOR AN ORGANIZATION CONSULT

Natural Math students

Kind words

Natural Math has been supporting diverse families, communities, and organizations since 1996. We make advanced mathematics accessible in kind ways. Here is what people say:

Suddenly I went from it being wizard magic to it being wizard magic, and I was the wizard.–Colin Taylor, student

Today we learned that letting your inner child learn and play can help us to get distracted from a harsh reality, manage new skills, and pass them onto our kids and students.Inna Golovakha, teacher

Droujkova and her colleagues are striving to empower local networks and enhance accessibility on all fronts: mathematical, cultural, and financial.–”5-Year-Olds Can Learn Calculus,” The Atlantic

Math Is What You Make It

Examples of past consultations

  • What topics could you present at my event?
  • How do I choose the math curriculum at home?
  • What about progression in math? Should I do algebra before geometry, or the other way around? If my child is bored with two-digit number addition, should they go to three-digit addition, or is there something more to all this?
  • Discuss researching and writing math parts for the SAGE Encyclopedia of Out of School Learning.
  • Olympiad math: should my child do it? If yes, what’s the difference between various math Olympiads?
  • College prep! What are good ways to prepare for admissions and to actually thrive in math and science classes?
  • How do I motivate, interest, and engage my child in math?
  • Discuss designing a project-based course for the NASA virtual school.
  • My child is way ahead of me in math. I do not have time to work with my very driven, curious, and eager child on math. What can I do?
  • How do I bring fun math to my four-year-old’s playgroup?
  • How can Natural Math help our learning pod?

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