Math Future: come and talk!

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Natural Math

Come help the Natural Math crew interview leaders of projects that make mathematical futures happen. Our guest speakers are book authors and parent bloggers, international consultants and leaders of local math circles, directors of museums and math game designers. Meet other people who care about math ed, listen to a short presentation from the guest speaker, and ask questions about the future of teaching and learning mathematics – happening now!

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Alan Kay, a visionary pioneer of personal computing and a Math Future guest

Current Event

  • Why: Learn how families redesign their children’s mathematical learning. Meet the guest speaker and other interested participants for a short presentation and talk.
  • Who: Emily Dyke, homeschool math expert and the founder of Math Inspirations.
  • When: Friday March 25 at noon EDT (New York), 4 PM GMT (London) – time converter for all zones.
  • How: Webinar software Zoom (similar to Skype), with face, voice, and text chat conversation. Join from your Mac, PC, Linux, iOS, or Android device. Full instructions when you register.
  • And it’s open and free!

Join us on March 25 for a casual online meeting with other people who care about teaching and learning mathematics.

 Emily’s pursuit of professional teaching began at Brigham Young University in its Mathematics Education program. Emily values deep, conceptual understanding of math focused on discovery, problem solving and critical thinking. Emily and her husband Joe founded Math Inspirations project for mentoring and empowering young children and their parents in their studies of mathematics. Emily is living her dream of being a mom to two amazing little girls and empowering students and families across the country.

From the Math Inspirations site:

Mathematician John Wesley Young said, “It is clear that the chief end of mathematical study must be to make the students think.” Opportunities to struggle with difficult questions create unique critical thinking skills, and build students’ ability and confidence to attack and solve any problem they face. They learn that they can be self-reliant, and don’t need to be told how to do something in order to accomplish a task.

The right math experience is challenging, purposeful, and fun, while meeting your unique, individual goals and aspirations. Math Inspirations exists to teach students and parents to take ownership of their math experience and empower them with a system to make their efforts fruitful. Engaging math games, true discovery-based, process, and concept-driven math, combined with asking the right questions at the right times, is the recipe for taking back math.

Past Recordings

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