MidSchool Math Digital Math Tools

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MSM courses are discontinued. MidSchool Math toolset is aimed at schools, with its ecosystem designed for scheduled group work and supported at the school or district level. For a while, we worked with the creators of MSM to make this available for families. We are thankful for their kind support and for giving families that opportunity. The logistics grew too difficult for everyone involved. We hope that in the future, similar tools may become available for individual users.

Meanwhile, if you are a school administrator, check out the MSM curriculum.

What else is available?

Here are the courses for families, math circles, and teachers available at Natural Math.

Desmos has game-like activities for content similar to Ko’s Journey. They are puzzles rather than stories, delightful and well-designed: https://teacher.desmos.com/ 

Does Ko’s Journey still exist?

Ko’s Journey exists, in that it became a part of MidSchool Math school curriculum. For a while, we have been able to offer it as a stand-alone at Natural Math, with kind and generous support of MidSchool Math people – thank you! As they continued to develop their main suit of software for school purposes, that stand-alone version became dated. By now, it’s better not to use it.

I was going to recommend you try Descartes’ Cove, but I see that it has not been updated in even longer, about ten years. Why can’t we have anything nice like that in games? The elephant in the room is customer support. Even with grants paying for initial coding, individual customer support takes too much time.

Discontinuing a version even for a minority of users was a sad decision for a small company that is very dedicated to teaching children mathematics. As a fan of Ko’s Journey, I am glad the company continues development in some form. I hope it becomes possible for them and other developers to support such games for individual users in the future.