Online Logic Summer Camp for Kids!

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Give your child confidence and mathematical thinking skills–without boring math problems.

Playing games, solving puzzles, and figuring out riddles may not seem like math to you, but there is logical, mathematical thinking hiding in all these activities. When you develop logical thinking skills, you also develop confidence to tackle new problems. Is your child hesitant to try new things in math? Does your child feel like they aren’t good at math?

I felt that way, too! I could follow the process, but I didn’t “get it.” The first the math I really enjoyed and understood was a college class in symbolic logic. I almost felt like I was cheating to get a math credit for the class! It made sense and was fun! Chances are your child has a good problem-solving mind, too! You just need to give them the chance to try out a different type of math–logic!

As your child plays with games based on logic, they begin to think like a mathematician. The confidence and skills this gives to you and your child are so valuable for tackling other challenges. When you believe that you have the capability to learn something, then nothing else gets in the way. It may still be hard, but you know you can do it! In Camp Logic, your child will solve difficult challenges, and will know that they can think like a mathematician!

Camp Logic is an online, live class. This means your child gets to meet kids just like them, from all around the world! And you don’t have to drive them anywhere! In fact, you can hang out in the background and try the problems, too! Join us today, before our classes fill up! We keep them small so they stay interactive, and fun!

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The details!

  • What: One week daily, live online, logic camp.
  • Why: This class is a fun way to learn mathematical logic through puzzles, riddles, challenges and games.
  • Who: 15 Children ages 9-14, Shelley Nash as organizer.
  • When: August 8-12 at 10-11 AM EDT
  • Where: Online video-talk software Zoom (similar to Skype)
  • Price: Registration is $75 per family. Includes a PDF copy of the book Camp Logic. When you sign up with a friend, you both save 20%. Just send both of your email addresses to after you sign up, titled “Camp Logic With a Friend,” and you’ll receive your rebates.

Are you and your child ready for a confidence boost? Join this new Natural Math adventure today before it fills up!

Download sample activities (PDF), and try them out with your children!

Camp Logic Sample Pages

camp logic

Do you have a questions before you jump in? Ask away! Contact Shelley at!

Shelley Nash is the homeschooling mom of seven amazing and challenging kids ages 14 to 2. For over 20 years, she has been driven by an insatiable desire to understand learning, education, education’s role in our society and personal development, and the role of technology in learning. She is passionate about letting children own their education and learning, and about discovering the elements that inspire learning in all of us. She currently leads two online math circles and loves her work at and

Natural Math Principles

We embrace all the principles of Natural Math in our online circle. Especially Adventure and Yes, And and Easy Complexity.

Questions? Email or ask in comments to this page.

  • Connection and devices: you will need fast internet to watch and listen. It’s better to have a microphone and a webcam so you can show and tell as well, but you can also use text chat. We recommend larger screens rather than phones.
  • Software: Zoom is a tool for talking, like Skype or Google Hangouts. Please download and try it, here: The same page has the link to a tech support center, in case you need it.
  • Recording: The meetings will be available to course participants as YouTube videos.