Moebius Noodles – Paperback


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Adventurous Math for the Playground Crowd

How do you want your child to feel about math? Confident, curious and deeply connected? Then Moebius Noodles is for you. It offers advanced math activities to fit your child’s personality, interests, and needs.Can you enjoy playful math with your child? Yes! The book shows you how to go beyond your own math limits and anxieties to do so. It opens the door to a supportive online community that will answer your questions and give you ideas along the way.Learn how you can create an immersive rich math environment for your baby. Find out ways to help your toddler discover deep math in everyday experiences. Play games that will develop your child’s sense of happy familiarity with mathematics.A five-year-old once asked us, “Who makes math?” and jumped for joy at the answer, “You!” Moebius Noodles helps you take small, immediate steps toward the sense of mathematical power.You and your child can make math your own. Together, make your own math!~~~

Paperback savings: $1 each on 2-4 copies, $2 each on 5-10 copies, $3 each on 11 or more copies, plus cheaper shipping.

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Additional information

Weight7 oz
Dimensions9 x 12 x 1 in