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Multiplication Explorers online course is self-paced for your convenience.

This is a Name-Your-Price course and you can choose your levels of participation and your type of interaction.

All course participants get the following:

  • Multiplication Explorers course emails with inspiration and reminders, delivered to you for several weeks after you sign up.
  • Access to 15 engaging math activities that will help you and your child look at multiplication as something fun and fascinating. Use a badge system to manage and track your progress through activities. 
  • Printable one-page ref cards that summarize each activity, its key words, good questions, and what math children make. Take the card with you when you run the activity with children, so you remember how it goes.
  • Unlimited access to the online community of parents and teachers. 
  • Play two rounds (before and after) of a creativity word game adapted especially for this course by our research partners SparcIt. The game is not just for fun: it measures how the course influences creativity in the context of mathematics.
  • Submit your child’s artwork or photos of found math for a multimedia project “REAL times tables” with our journalist partner Lisa Farino.

If you pay $45 or more, you will get all of the above plus our very popular Models of Multiplication poster.

If you pay $95 or more, you will get all of the above plus two live online consults with Maria Droujkova, at the times we arrange individually. We will talk about adaptations of activities for your children’s needs and interests, and your questions, ideas, and concerns.

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