The Iditarod

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The purpose of this project is for students to experience math through a journey across Alaska. Students play the role of a Musher (dog sled driver) as they travel from Anchorage to Nome. The story project is inspired by the original events that lead to the current annual Iditarod race in Alaska.

This digital tool is much more of a curriculum than an online game. Everything you need is housed online and you’ll get a teachers guide for the entire story project.

This is meant to be an immersive experience, so anytime throughout the project where you can address students as mushers and play up this role, do so. You can add in all kinds of connections to the history, geography, etc. The original story project has the teacher play a supplementary role to the project manager pictured in the videos. Throughout the unit, the project manager will pose questions, but it’s up to the teacher to encourage students’ thought and participation. You’ll want to decide if your child will be the project manager and how you’ll have discussions with your child.

Nome Map

Each task is designed for a 90-­‐minute math  block.  There are 7 tasks to complete. You can spread this out however you would like to fit your own needs.