Author: Erin Song

Calculus for Kids April 19, 2015 (Sundays)

String Spin

This is a story about the second meeting of a Calculus for Kids math circle. The math circle started off with the class attentively watching the trailer of Flatland. The movie itself is shown on a 2D screen, but it talks

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Calculus for Kids May 1, 2015 (Fridays)

Would It Stand

This is the fourth meeting of a math circle inspired by calculus ideas. This week, we continue making an object in different ways. So the same Math Spark applies as last week (PDF). Maria has returned from her trip to the

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Calculus for Kids April 24, 2015 (Fridays)

Sun Snail Integration

This week, we created the same object in several different ways. The goal was still to make shapes out of shapes, but this time, we compared and contrasted different ways of doing so. Do we place pieces at random like

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