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My Kingdom on the Wall!

Kingdom on the Wall

This week wrapped up our live session of Kingdom on the Wall! What fun! We had an amazing, international group! I think I learned more physics in two days than I had before! I’m not the only one that felt

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Summer Camps for Kids!

Summer Camps

Are you looking for a fun adventure for a child in your life? Are you hoping to keep up the math skills during the summer? Have you wished that your kids could play math with other like minded kids? Do

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A math circle journey, book news, and ways to play: Newsletter December 10, 2015

Subscribe and read archives Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook  Shelley Nash’s Blog Series: A Math Circle Journey Meet Shelley Nash, mother of seven, math circle leader, and now Natural Math blogger! In her stories, you will find ideas to try at home or in your

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Happy Math Storytelling Day! Newsletter September 25, 2015

Math Storytelling Day Zeno

Subscribe and read archives Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook    Our newsletter grew beyond 6,000 subscribers this month. That means even more parents, teachers, and math circle leaders will be sharing their ideas, models, art, and stories. Speaking of stories… Happy Math Storytelling Day!

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