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Book Clubs and Community-Responsive Math Circles: February 2024 Newsletter

Cary Math Circle January 2024

Hello, math friend! I’m Dr. Maria Droujkova, director of Natural Math and co-president of the Natural Math Alliance. Please write any time at if you have a question or would like to talk about learning advanced mathematics in kind ways. Meanwhile,

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Spring 2023 at FUNDAPROMAT: Calculus for 5-Year-Olds Materials

Math Trek - Integrals_Time-Lapse Vision

It was my pleasure to present for the wonderful math friends at the Panamanian Foundation for the Promotion of Mathematics (FUNDAPROMAT). Their mission is to change the world’s perception so that one and all can experience mathematics as accessible, relevant and

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Q&A: Multiplication and Jo Boaler?

Fractal Valentine Multiplication Explorers

We regularly receive emails with great questions about various approaches to math education. Dr. Maria answers them by email. You can ask your question here. We edit some of the answers to share at this blog. Names and personal details

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Sunflower Bluebird Pi Day 2023

This year, Natural Math is celebrating Pi Day with many math friends around the world. We’ve been partying for weeks! Today, we celebrate at the big event organized by the Junior Academy  of Sciences of Ukraine and the Bluebird Math Circle,

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