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Natural Math authors invite you for beta testing – Newsletter January 16

Bard Math Circle

#MathPunday Math Punday is Monday: the day to share math jokes on social media. I love Zeno’s paradoxes, and hope this recent post makes you and your children smile: Math pun by Beta Readers All activities in Natural Math books are

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Valentine’s Craft Day at Natural Math – ages <3 and up

Fractal Valentine Multiplication Explorers

Make Valentine’s Day crafts to celebrate loving one another… in the context of mathematics! Grow your math eyes on these little field trips inspired by topology, dynamical systems, and algebraic geometry for the young, the very young, and the young at

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The Value of Age Mixing

The Value of Age Mixing

Doing math with your children’s friends or a small math circle? Chances are your students are of mixed ages and levels. How can you have good dynamics? Don’t focus on activities that are likely to invite competition, such as problem-solving.

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Funville is out, and our holiday sale – Newsletter November 27

Funville Adventures

Funville Adventures is out! Our newest book for children ages 5 and up is out. Big thanks to the fabulous crowdfunders that made it possible! Funville is a math-inspired fantasy adventure by Sasha Fradkin and Allison Bishop, where functions come to life as magical

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