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August 17&18 puzzle-making masterclass and August 8 virtual camps for children

Creating Math Puzzles

Subscribe and read archives August 17&18 Puzzle-Making Online Masterclass Creating Your Own Math Puzzles masterclass will unpack the process of creating a mathematical puzzle, starting with the open-ended mathematical play that leads us to ask deep questions. How do I

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Igramatica math circle in London: Interview with the leader


Svetlana Pancenko was inspired to start an after school math circle in London called Igramatica when she realized that all children are mathematicians, and can have the joy of exploring mathematics through games. There is math all around us, and

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Crowdfunding at 80%, summer kids math, Reddit AMA: Newsletter June 24

AMA MariaDroujkova

Subscribe and read archives Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook  Avoid Hard Work: crowdfunding is almost at 80% Avoid Hard Work is our newest book. It gives a playful view on ten powerful problem-solving techniques, originally published by the Mathematical Association of America for advanced high

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Funville Adventures beta testing; Avoid Hard Work campaign at 25%! Newsletter June 14

Functions of Funville

Subscribe and read archives Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook  Get involved: Funville Adventures beta testing The goals of this two-day workshop are 1) to give parents and teachers new tools for introducing children to mathematical concepts in the form of fantasy stories and 2)

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