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If you have children ages 4-9 and want to try fun early algebra games with them while helping with research, join us! Here is our story of citizen science:

The study takes about two hours total, including your research training and your child’s playtime. Many people find their children want to play the games again and again later.

Developing Minds Gator

The purpose of this study is to look at how children understand numbers and develop mathematical skills. Previous research has shown that both adults and children have an “approximate number sense” and that this sense links to mathematics learning later on. This research explores the early development of that ability, and how our approximate number sense and our formal math abilities link. Here is Dr. Kibbe’s introduction to the experiments she invites you to do:

Why do families participate in citizen science? We asked parents from Natural Math community for reasons beyond the obvious: children enjoying the games and learning meaningful mathematics. Here is what parents said about participation:

  • It helps the researchers and the science itself – and you get to join first-hand as science happens, not when it’s all done.
  • It leads to more power, informed choices, and better decision-making, because you get direct access to research.
  • It helps you grow, learn more, and connect with like-minded people. You have a say in how science promotes the interests of your family and your community.

Participating is completely free.

Join the study

We will contact you when the next round of study begins.


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