Kingdom On A Wall

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My beautiful kingdom sits on a wall,

let’s add a castle and save it from fall

Families Play with Math and Physics: book coming in 2016

Kids need freedom in order to learn and grow. As parents, we are their companions on this journey. When children decide to abandon step-by-step instructions to explore one aspect of an activity further, they enter the learning zone. Let them improvise. Celebrate if you diverge from the plan. I know that it is very difficult to let go for the first time. Share your discoveries with each other and with your communities, offline and online.

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Join our photo challenges, created especially for this book

Instructions: experiment with objects in the photo any way you like and share your discoveries with us. Email us pictures or stories at, or leave a comment on this page.

There are no right or wrong answers here, this is an exercise in creativity.

Task 1:


Pictured: pitcher of water, empty cup, piece of paper, marker

Task 2:


Pictured: bowl, pitcher of water, playdough

Task 3:


Pictured: scissors, magnet, yarn, aluminum foil (from a yogurt cup), coins, glue, colored paper, shoehorn

Task 4:


Pictured: marker, paper strip, coffee filter strip, pitcher of water, two empty cups, small blocks

Task 5:


Pictured: scissors, glue, cardboard (thick paper for drawing etc.), coins, a small bottle with a flat cup

About the Author

IrinaDr. Irina Malkin Ondík is a science education consultant, mother of three and a huge fan of Science Centers. She loves experimenting with didactic methods, mathematical terms, conductive materials, and all kinds of things in-between. Since 1997, she has been involved in math and science outreach activities for various audiences. Recently she has started a local program of science for families.​


And One More Thing

Our book will be published under Creative Commons license. It means that people all over the world will be able to access its content, translate it into different languages – and share their ideas based on the book with you. The Creative Commons site Team Open features Natural Math in its celebration of innovative projects in education. 

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