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multiplication models poster

Big discount for small groups

Mathematics works so much better when colleagues, friends, and family support one another! We want to help people do math together in local classes, groups of parents, and math circles. That’s why you now get big discounts for small bundles of paperback books, plus savings on shipping. This is also perfect for larger groups, fundraisers, and small bookstores, and you can resell the books at full price. Or buy five books and give four to friends as gifts.

You get $5 off each poster – that’s a third of the price! – if you buy 5 copies of Multiplication Models or more.
You get $1 off each poster if you buy 2 to 4 posters.

24×36 glossy poster

This poster is a living project! Created by and for mathematicians, educators, children, and parents, this multiplication poster uses clear, fun pictures to present twelve common multiplication models. Each model (or “story”) is illustrated with two different picture examples, formulas, and a list of well-designed multiplication activities. Natural Math® people use the poster at international education conferences, teacher workshops, kids’ rooms, and home-school parent meetings. Ask questions, get ideas, and share stories at the Natural Math® website.

By Maria Droujkova and Dmitri Droujkov
Dr. Maria Droujkova is a parent, curriculum developer and mathematics education consultant. Maria brings together leaders in mathematics education, researchers, developers, parents and teachers for projects and discussions of family mathematics, early algebra, individualized instruction, math games and math clubs.
Technology specialist – Dmitri Droujkov works in requirements and development management, programming, and design for educational software and platforms. Dmitri’s interests include integration of all aspects of the development cycle, agile development methodologies, and facilitation of distributed development by web based collaboration tools and development tools. Through design of smart tech tools, Dmitri supports and enables deep innovation in STEM education. Dmitri’s site
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  1. brookeferg says:

    Is there another format to purchase this information in? I don’t need a big glossy poster in my home, a pdf will suffice.

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