Origami=math, Hacking Math teen course, scavenger hunt Sept 26: Newsletter September 21, 2015

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In this newsletter:

  • All ages: Origami = math?
  • Teens: Questions and answers about the new Hacking Math course
  • All ages: Join us for a free math scavenger hunt on September 26

Fold cicadas and read 6 reasons why origami=math

Happy Origami Math

Parents and teachers often ask why we call this or that informal activity “mathematics.” Where is math in a puzzle, game, or craft? This year, we did origami at the annual BugFest, and got this question a lot. Why is origami good for your math?

Check out our new blog post with the pattern for origami cicadas, and 6 reasons why origami is good for your math!

Questions and Answers about the Hacking Math course


There is a lot of interest in the new Hacking Math course that we are starting this Saturday. Here are some questions and answers:

  • Can I sign up if I will have to miss a meeting?
    • Yes. We will record meetings and the recordings will be available to course participants.
  • Can you help me with the price?
    • We’d like to encourage you to share the course with a friend (using one computer during the meetings). It will help you split the cost, and improve your learning experience. Most people learn better when they program and discuss math with someone in person. Professionals call this approach “pair programming.” In the future, we will make courses more affordable by running multiple groups at once.
  • What times are the meetings?
    • 4 PM Eastern (New York) time on Saturdays, starting the 26th. Sorry we didn’t post the time before.
  • Can my serious and interested 11-year-old take this course?
    • Yes. Especially with friend or family help. Ages are always just guidelines. This will be at about formal algebra level.
  • What number of hours per week do I need outside of the meetings?
    • Probably 2-3 hours.
  • Can I have a certificate of completion?
    • Yes! We’ll even include course participant computer-generated art on it.

See more info and sign up!

Second annual Sculpture Scavenger Hunt with Cary Visual Art is on September 26

On Saturday, September 26, 10 AM to noon, visit downtown Cary, NC! We will be on the main lawn by the Town Hall, near the sculptures. Cary Visual Art and Natural Math welcome families with children of all ages for a fun and thoughtful scavenger hunt, appreciating the sculptures on exhibit as part of the Cary Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition.

Do you live too far? We’ll post the scavenger hunt materials after the event, so you can run it at your own town!

Sculpture Tour

RSVP to reach.out@naturalmath.com to participate in the event, or just show up.

Do you want to volunteer at Natural Math events (online or in the Research Triangle, North Carolina) and work with us to make math adventures happen? Write us at reach.out@naturalmath.com to talk! Children and grown-ups are welcome.

Dr. Maria Droujkova and the Natural Math crew


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