Funville Adventures beta testing; Avoid Hard Work campaign at 25%! Newsletter June 14

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Get involved: Funville Adventures beta testing

Functions of Funville

The goals of this two-day workshop are 1) to give parents and teachers new tools for introducing children to mathematical concepts in the form of fantasy stories and 2) to help Sasha Fradkin and Allison Bishop, the authors of the upcoming book Funville Adventures, beta test a chapter of the book.

  • What: A two-day online workshop on introducing mathematical concepts through stories, for children ages 5 to 10. Topics include functions, rotations, geometry, and problem-solving.
  • Why: Learn how to teach your children mathematical concepts through a fantasy adventure story.
  • Who: Parents, teachers, and math circle leaders with their children, with Dr. Sasha Fradkin and Dr. Allison Bishop as organizers.
  • When: Monday, June 20th, 7-8 PM and Thursday, June 23, 7-8 PM Eastern Time (New York)
  • Where: Online video-talk software Zoom (similar to Skype)
  • Price: Free.
  • Supplies: A few cylindrical objects such as cans, a ruler, twine, scissors.
  • What if we can’t come to the live event? You can sign up to read Funville chapters, do the activities on your own, and discuss them with us by email.

Go to the workshop page for more information about the project.

Avoid Hard Work: crowdfunding is at 25%

Avoid Hard Work is our newest book. It gives a playful view on ten powerful problem-solving techniques. The techniques were originally published by the Mathematical Association of America for advanced high school students – and we made them accessible for children ages 3 (yes! three!) and up. The book is for parents, teachers, math circle leaders, and others who work with children. Go to the book page to try activities from the sample pages, watch James Tanton’s pirate island story, and read about our worry-dreams.

Want to get involved in this awesome project? Join the crowdfunding campaign, check out the rewards, and post info about it to other parent and educator groups!

Crowdfund Avoid Hard Work

See you online!

Dr. Maria Droujkova and the Natural Math crew


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