Sunflower Bluebird Pi Day 2023

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This year, Natural Math is celebrating Pi Day with many math friends around the world. We’ve been partying for weeks! Today, we celebrate at the big event organized by the Junior Academy  of Sciences of Ukraine and the Bluebird Math Circle, Alliance of Indigenous Math Circles.

Sunflower Bluebird Math Circle AIMC

Pi Day is all about circles. Here are two Math Trek printouts from our Inspired by Calculus series. The series is for children ages five and up and their families. This is literally ELI5 Calculus (explain-like-I’m-5). You can also use these short embodied activities for a warm-up with a group at any level. Happy Pi Day!

Math Trek - Integrals_Shapes out of Shapes

MATH TREK Integrals: Shapes out of Shapes

Math Trek - Integrals_Time-Lapse Vision

MATH TREK Integrals: Time-Lapse Vision and Shapes of Revolution


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