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Funville Adventures beta testing; Avoid Hard Work campaign at 25%! Newsletter June 14

Functions of Funville

Subscribe and read archives Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook  Get involved: Funville Adventures beta testing The goals of this two-day workshop are 1) to give parents and teachers new tools for introducing children to mathematical concepts in the form of fantasy stories and 2)

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My Kingdom on the Wall!

Kingdom on the Wall

This week wrapped up our live session of Kingdom on the Wall! What fun! We had an amazing, international group! I think I learned more physics in two days than I had before! I’m not the only one that felt

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Summer Camps for Kids!

Summer Camps

Are you looking for a fun adventure for a child in your life? Are you hoping to keep up the math skills during the summer? Have you wished that your kids could play math with other like minded kids? Do

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Kingdom on the Wall, Multiplication is Calculus, Math Inspirations: Newsletter March 23, 2016

Subscribe and read archives Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook  Kingdom on the Wall: a new Physics+Math+Art adventure for your children! HIGHLIGHTS of what your children and you get from our new workshop: all Kingdom on the Wall recordings; advanced topics in algebra and geometry

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