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BugFest 2015: Why origami is math

Happy Origami Math

Parents and teachers often ask why we call this or that informal activity “mathematics.” Where is math in a puzzle, game, or craft? This year, we did origami at the annual BugFest, and got this question a lot. Why is

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Playing 9 Apples with some boys!

Our family received the 9 Apples card game from Discovery Express Kids to try out. There are a lot of cards and the goal is to reach a target number each round. The cards are positive or negative, and there

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Root differences: a little exploration of patterns

Danny's Pattern

This is a guest blog post by Danny Phelan, who is a student at Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, NC, studying for an Associates Degree in Arts. Danny’s eventual goal is becoming a novelist and screenwriter, as well as editor

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Math a Round, a game by Bright of Sweden

Math-a-round Sigma

My family and I have been enjoying natural math games and classes with Maria for a while now. We love doing math in an unstructured way and prefer to focus on concepts. But sometimes, you just need to practice the

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