September 25: Math Storytelling Day

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Kids are natural inventors and makers. Put your math goggles on, and you will see that much of what children make and how they make it is mathematical. What do your kids make? What math do you notice in it?

Back in early June, the Moebius Noodles crew participated in the Maker Faire in Raleigh, NC. We enjoyed coming up with maker-style math adventures. We’ve seen so much joy of children and adults who made their own mathematics at our booth! That’s why we want to continue that theme: MATH IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT.

So we decided to make MAKING our theme for this year’s celebration of Mathematics Storytelling Day, September 25. And we are inviting you to join us!

Math is what you make of it

Here’s how:

  1. Make the word MATH out of objects you and your kids love and use, and take a photo, or…
  2. Tell us the cute thing your kid did, or math adventures from your math circle, or what happened to you as a child, or…
  3. Just finish the phrase: “For me, math is…”

Send your pictures and/or stories to and tell us how to credit your picture: your name(s) and location.


Use any medium – dolls and wheels, Minecraft and LEGOs, your dancing bodies, pebbles and seeds, ratchets and resistors – because you can make your own mathematics with anything! Use any technique – 3D printing, crochet, woodworking, architecture, or culinary arts – because there are bridges between mathematics and every profession. Write MATH, MATHS or MATHEMATICS in English or your native language, and tell us which one.

We will post your pictures and stories to our blog, in the Math Storytelling Day series.

And here’s something very special we want to do this year. Every time we get 20 submissions sent to us, we will randomly select one, and its author will receive our official limited edition MATH IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT! t-shirt.

Love the t-shirt? Want to have one for sure? Then reserve your t-shirt now and continue your math adventures knowing that you beat the odds!

Here is a bit of history of Math Storytelling Day, and resources for your celebrations. You can use this mini-banner if you celebrate Math Storytelling Day on your blog or site:

Math Storytelling Day 200

And here is some more art, made especially for our celebration by Mark Gonya.


And a printable grid for your children’s own designs! Click to enlarge and print:

Happy upcoming Math Storytelling Day!

One comment on “September 25: Math Storytelling Day
  1. I’m with Janie J., Darlene K, and Rabia H. Their comments below:

    “I love the Montessori math materials but would like to add addition opportunities to “play with” and discover the beauty of mathematics.” – Janie J.

    “I dream of being an effective guide for the children.  I want to spark their curiosity by letting them led their own learning.  I want to create an amazing place for children to work and learn and play together.” – Darlene L.

    “My greatest hope for being a math circle leader is to learn myself how to think outside of the worksheets, textbooks, and sit at a desk doing math problems mindset!” – Rabia H.

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