Newsletter January 30, 2013

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Welcome to adventurous math for the playground crowd! I am Moby Snoodles, and I love to hear from you at

Moby Snoodles Math Googles


Book news

We are getting the last reviews in from the volunteer reviewers group that had a go before copy editing. I am so happy to get cheers and kudos from respected colleagues in parenting and mathematics! It’s one thing for me to think our team did a good job; it’s another level of happiness entirely to see what others love about the book.

Blogs and networks

We have been making good friends in the Creative Commons crowd, who change the world one open-source program, video or book at a time. We joined the big worldwide celebration of the ten years of the Creative Commons. This is the video of our talk:

Exciting news! Malke Rosenfeld, the creator of the Math In Your Feet program and a math explorer at The Map Is Not the Territory blog, is joining our team. In her first book review called “Hidden math” Malke goes on a scavenger hunt for ideas such as frieze patterns and parallel lines – in books that aren’t math readers! Malke asks: “What other books are out there that have this kind of ‘hidden’ math?” Have you seen any?

100 Hundred Chart

Yelena McManaman adds another gem to my growing collection of hundred charts. Check out her post on why this version works well for young kids.

Math Goggles NCSU Library



Have you noticed my new fancy steampunk eyewear and a camera? That’s because we started a series of posts called Math Goggles! If you like field trips, you will love these scavenger hunt adventures. Check out the first one, at the high-tech library at NCSU.


You are welcome to share the contents of this newsletter online or in print. You can also remix and tweak anything here as you wish, as long as you share your creations on the same terms. Please credit

More formally, we distribute all Moebius Noodles content under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license: CC BY-NC-SA



Talk to you again on February 15th!

Moby Snoodles, aka Dr. Maria Droujkova

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