Math mind hacks: make predictions!

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Make Predictions

Help your child learn this practice by asking prediction questions:

  • What do you think will happen?
  • What will change if we make the numbers different?
  • What do you think this new term may mean?

Encourage children to guess. This is not about right predictions at all. This is about activating your prior knowledge and future curiosity!

Read more at The Brilliant Blog.

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5 comments on “Math mind hacks: make predictions!
  1. Sheryl Morris says:

    I’m not sure. “Hack” has only negative connotations, for me anyway.
    I do appreciate the message
    Make Predictions
    Your mind will

  2. Sheryl Morris says:

    Thanks for the link.
    Thank you for helping me understand more.

    -Take stock of what you do and don’t know
    -Activate your prior knowledge on the topic
    -Generate curiosity and motivation
    -Focus on the “whys” and connections

    The points above are equivalent to the importance of purposefully and consciously preparing environments for children presumed in SNAP-Scaffolding for Numerical Synapses; environments, modeled on Montessori, that 1) stimulate the senses 2) allow a child to build on what he or she already knows daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly 3) make it possible for a child to learn across subject matters and 4) enable connections–sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly–and promote contemplation of interrelated concepts among simple numbers, simple shapes, nature, art, science, and technology.

  3. Caroline Meeks says:

    Nice! I like how you distilled the research into easy to quick points that help with reminders. I think you are absolutely correct that too often this pedagogy gets diluted by telling students to “guess”. Do you have any other similar posters?

    • MariaD says:

      Thank you, Caroline! I have several more posters in the making, and I hope this will be an ongoing project. If you have good articles about mind hacks you want to see as posters, post them here in comments or email me and I will work on them!

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