Jobs for kids: here, now, and in sci-fi futures

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In a Berkeley study, 4-year-olds outperformed adults at problem-solving that required unexpected moves. What if each engineer played with a couple of young kids to work though tough design challenges? #JobsForKids: Scout of Unlikely Possibilities.

A designer dad invited his 5-year-old, and an illustrator mom her 4-year-old, to pass the work back and forth. Deeply original stories, poems, and drawings emerged, reaching worldwide renown. What if art, design, and architecture studios had kid artists on premises? #JobsForKids: Surrealist Artist.

In our upcoming book, Problem-Solving for the Young, we describe the complementary roles of kids and adults in harmonious mixed-age math circles. Here is the table:

IdeasWrite ideas down, sort and organize sets of examples, articulate knowledgeGenerate diverse, creative, novel, unexpected ideas
MathematicsMaintain consistency of patterns, extend patterns with new examplesOpen up and maintain free play, break patterns to create new patterns
ProcessOrganize the process, manage time and tasks, maintain group well-being, nurtureSense poor management practices, quickly react to dangers (“the canary”), invoke empathy and joy
ApplicationsConnect ideas to many life experiences and examplesConnect ideas to unexpected examples, look at familiar things from new angles
AestheticsAppreciate order and systemsAppreciate beauty and adventure

Has your child ever surprised you with a clever solution to a home improvement dilemma?

Is your toddler better at conflict resolution than your whole HR department?

Can you see the future where kids fully participate in advanced, professional, math-rich endeavors?

Send us examples for our new #JobsForKids collection!

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