Online conference, BugFest, and Sculpture Scavenger Hunt: Newsletter September 5, 2015

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In this newsletter:

  • Join us at an online parenting and homeschool conference on September 8
  • Free science-math-art family events in Raleigh and Cary, September 19 and 26
  • Preserve the summer feeling: an article about Natural Math at home and outdoors
  • Join the crew as an event volunteer

Free online parenting conference presentation: math is what you make of it

On September 8th at 2 PM Eastern time, Dr. Maria Droujkova will present online at one of the largest parenting and homeschool conferences. HECOA is inclusive of different kinds of families; read descriptions to see what does and does not fit with your views. To join, enter your name and email at the summit page:

Math is what you make of it: Designing, building, and modeling with Natural Math
You probably know at least one “Johnny who can’t count” – but overall people do more incredible science, technology, engineering, and mathematics than ever before in history. In the big scheme of things, we are doing great in math. But still there is a lot of pain and suffering.
As parents, how do we help our children grow their mathematical understanding, and see the beauty and joy of math? How do we use math as a source of freedom and power in our communities? How can we work through out own math grief? Let us figure it out, together.
Natural Math Principles

BugFest free science and math event: September 19 all day in Raleigh, NC

Mark your calendars! Natural Math will be one of more than 100 local organizations and groups hosting activities at BugFest, the popular annual event at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh. More info:

Bring your family to play with all the bugs, design insect fractals, and explore bridges between mathematics, arts, and sciences.

Here we are making origami butterflies at BugFest 2014:

Playing with math jokes at BugFest 2013: “Why did the ant cross the Mobius strip? To get to the same side!”

Second annual Sculpture Scavenger Hunt with Cary Arts on September 26

On Saturday, September 26, 10 AM to noon, visit downtown Cary, NC! Cary Visual Art and Natural Math welcome families with children of all ages for a fun and thoughtful scavenger hunt, observing the sculptures on exhibit as part of our Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition. Explore physical and virtual modeling techniques, enjoy the sculptures, and take guided tours.

Here is one of our Look and Make mini-posters with children’s creations at the Sculpture Scavenger Hunt 2014:

RSVP to to participate in the event.

Preserve the summer feeling with these playful activities

Several of our activities and principles were featured in the article Your Kids Will Love Doing Math This Summer (If You Do Too) by AK Whitney. From the article:

There’s no question that kids can be a tough audience and will quickly catch on to your attempts to educate them during their precious vacation. So don’t. Or at least, don’t seem like you are. Try the time-tested Socratic method. Instead of lecturing them, ask a question about the activity you are doing to encourage them to think about math.

“Ask, don’t show or tell,” Droujkova says.

You’ll be surprised to find that once you’ve gotten out of that show-and-tell mode, you’re more comfortable noticing how much math is out there, whether you’re shopping, planning a trip, or trying to stay on schedule.

Do you want to volunteer at Natural Math events, online or in the Research Triangle, North Carolina, and work with us to make math adventures happen? Write us at to talk! Children and grown-ups are welcome.

Dr. Maria Droujkova and the Natural Math crew


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