Lux Blox Review

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One of the best things about blogging at is that I get to review books and games! That’s one benefit of having seven kids at home still, too! I asked Lux Blox if I could review their blocks and they sent me a free box!  (Thank you, Michael!)


 Not familiar with Lux Blox yet? This is from their site:

Lux was created by artist/inventor Michael Acerra because he and his wife Heather wanted to give the world a block that could build everything as nature does.  Lux revolutionizes the possibilities of construction block creations by combining innovative technology with nature’s design principles.

With Lux, builders are now free to make structures that curve, bend, and move.  The unique, patent-pending snap and lock hinge system allows you to create structures that flex, twist, and turn, while retaining strength and stability.  Now builders and innovators of all ages can use Lux to model machines, biological organisms, architecture — or whatever structures they can imagine!

As soon as the box arrived my kids started asking what it was. I hadn’t told them they were coming! I used their excitement as leverage to get the living room cleaned up, because I knew what would happen once we opened the box.

And I was right!


They were consumed by building Lux Blox creations for several hours. We had to make them stop for dinner. The blox were everywhere. It didn’t take any time for them to start being really creative with their building. They LOVE that the blocks can lock and be firm, but that they can roll and curve too. We’ve had them for four days and they are still out and still being used. The only challenge we’ve had, is that I need to order another few boxes so everyone has enough blocks to build! They aren’t liking the need to share!

We’ve built guns (boys!), balls, baskets, cars, Star Wars Y-wings, and more. The 4yo and the 12yo sit side by side and build. They are creative and challenging. We haven’t even touched on all the neat videos on the Lux Blox site yet!

One of the neatest things about them is their curving ability. I don’t really know how to explain it, but they work almost like a human joint. In the photos below you can see my daughter roll up a “carpet” (as they call it) of them and then let it unroll. That part was really amazing to them (and me!)


Rolling it up is so cool!



Then it unrolls flat!

When they started building hollow spheres (balls), they had small gaps between some blocks. So I challenged my older boys to build a ball that didn’t have any gaps in it. They are still working on figuring out how to do that. In fact, they get home from school and drop their folders and jackets on the floor and start working with their Lux Blox. I love their enthusiasm (but maybe not the dropping stuff on the floor part)!


I’ll sum up my review with a quote from my 9yo lego-lover. (He’s the one in the photo just above.) “I declare that Lux Blox will be as awesome and famous as Legos and that they will keep growing and growing and everyone will know about them. These are the awesomest blocks ever! Can we each have our own box?”


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2 comments on “Lux Blox Review
  1. Lydia Gordon says:

    I was wondering what size box you received and what size box you would recommend. I have a lot of kids too and I don’t want to buy yet another expensive building toy that gets left lying around the house or that doesn’t get used after the initial excitement wears off. Do your kids still play with the Lux Blox a month after they first had them?

    • Shelley Nash says:

      I believe it had about 200 pieces (we don’t have the box anymore). My kids still build and play with them. It’s like any other toy, newness is always a factor. I’m still really impressed with them. I wish they were a little less expensive, though. I am going to try using the curriculum ideas with them. I find with any toy like this, that getting a video or a challenge re-inspires my kids and me! I hope that helps!

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