Summer Camps and Book Crews: Newsletter April 19, 2016

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Be a beta reader: volunteer with Natural Math authors

How do we learn to help our children better? How do we learn to lead beautiful, joyful math activities? We talk with other parents and teachers who share our values!

We have two crews looking for members to help make our upcoming books. If you haven’t tried before, here’s how it works: As a beta reader, you talk with book authors, play-test newest activities, and make sure books fit your children’s needs. Your name will appear in the book credits.

When you volunteer, we arrange a meeting online (text or voice chat). You will read a chapter and try activities with your children, and then meet the authors to give feedback.

In the next couple of months:

  • With children ages 3-12, join Dr. Irina Malkin Ondik and the crew of Kingdom on the Wall: a physics, math, and arts experiment-based adventure.
  • With children ages 6-15, join Alfreda Poteat and the crew of Math Roots: building the foundations of math through storytelling, history, pretend-play, and discussions.

Interested? For more details, email

Moebius Noodles Paper


Join the new online summer camps for children

What’s an online summer camp? Shelley Nash has perfected the format over the past few years, and now she’s bringing it to Natural Math! Every day for a week, your children and you join others in a meeting software similar to Skype. It feels lively, active, and inspiring. Not like talking to the screen, more like a math circle or meeting friends – but without all the driving.
This summer, we offer three subject areas students rarely encounter until high school or college: linear algebra, calculus, and logic. In the signature Natural Math style, the activities are playful, hands-on, and accessible to everyone. Check them out!

  • One week daily, live online, logic camp: a fun way to learn mathematical logic through puzzles, riddles, challenges and games.
  • Children ages 9-14, with Shelley Nash as organizer.
  • Choose between three sessions
    • May 9-13 at 12-1 PM EDT
    • June 27-July 1 at 1-2 PM EDT
    • August 8-12 at 10-11 AM EDT

  • One week daily, live online, math camp to learn calculus concepts in hands-on activities.
  • Children ages 5-9 and their parents, with Shelley Nash as organizer.
  • Choose
    • June 27 – July 1 at 11 AM – noon EDT, or
    • August 8-12 at 1-2 PM EDT

  • One week daily, live online, math camp that is a fun way to learn about linear algebra: matrices, graphing, coordinates, and more!
  • Children ages 9-15 (parents welcome!) with Shelley Nash as organizer.
  • Choose
    • Cohort 1: June 13-17 at 10-11 AM EDT (New York).
    • Cohort 2: June 13-17 at 9-10 PM EDT (New York), which is June 14-18, 11:00 AM in Sydney.

My Account: all your Natural Math stuff in one place

Quite a few people asked for a more convenient sign-up, and here it is! You can access all your recordings, electronic books, and courses from one central place when you log in to

Your account is created when you first write on our forum, join a course, or get a book. After that, the site remembers you, and makes sign-ups easier.

With an old account, you may need to request a new password before using the new system.

This is how to navigate to My Account from the top menu, on your computer:

My Account NM

On a mobile device, click the top menu icon first, then select My Account:

My Account NM Mobile

See you online!

Dr. Maria Droujkova and the Natural Math crew


Questions? Email or ask in comments to this page.

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2 comments on “Summer Camps and Book Crews: Newsletter April 19, 2016
  1. Khush Mark says:

    hi there

    I have sent a previous request but not heard back…can you let me know what workshops would suit my 9.5yr old who loves maths and if you do any workshops /summer camps also for 13yr old?

    • MariaD says:


      Glad you are interested! Camp Logic and Transformers summer camps are the two that should work well for your children. Both topics are accessible, yet lead to more advanced explorations for students who want to go deeper. So your thirteen-year-old can take the same topic further. Both camps come with books that provide even more activities and ideas.

      I hope to see your children in the camps!

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