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  • A problem-solving game
  • Courses from Natural Math
  • Beta testing opportunity: Number Explorers (ages 3-5)

Play this game today

We moved our brand-new Avoid Hard Work online course (parents and teachers with children ages 3-10) to the end of the month. It will start on January 26. We also changed the time to 8 PM EST to make it more convenient. 

We want to share a quick little game with you. But before we get to that, we have a question:

What kind of mathematical experience do you dream about for your children?

We ask this question at the beginning of our courses, workshops, and conversations with parents and teachers. That’s because the question helps you focus on what’s important to you. When people focus on their  goals and dreams, they overcome their math fears and anxieties.

My Math Dream

Have you seen the t-shirts that say, “Dear math, grow up and solve your own problems”? Some adults we talk to still have nightmares about being in a math class. The fear is very real.

That is why we wrote the book, Avoid Hard Work. That is why we are going to run the math problem-solving course to go with it. And that is why the first thing we do is talk about hopes and dreams.

As we worked on the book and the course, our dream was to give children and adults a set of tools that would help make sense of math problems and open up the many joyous paths to solving them.

We invite you to learn how to transform the fear of not knowing into the adventure of not yet knowing. Find out how to replace math anxiety with math inquiry. Learn how to help your children to develop their mathematical curiosity and discover their own ways of solving meaningful problems. [Course sign up button]

What is your dream for your children? 

And now, the game we’ll call “Happy New Year!”

It is the year 2017. Look at the digits 2, 0, 1, 7. Find out how each of these is not like the others.
If you ask several people this little open-ended question, you may be amazed how much diverse math they uncover. That’s because the game shows half of what mathematics is all about: looking for differences in similar things, in this case digits.

More courses from Natural Math

Transformers Linear Algebra

Feb 27 – Mar 3 Transformers: Matrices and Graphs – for children ages 9-15

This week-long math camp with daily live online meetings is a fun way to learn about linear algebra: matrices, graphing, coordinates, and more! February 27 – March 3 at 8:30 – 9:30 PM EST (New York).

Also check out our ongoing self-paced courses.

Beta Testing Opportunity

Number Explorers

We are building a new suite of activities for the early development of number sense and number meaning (ages 3-5). Come test the activities live with the authors of the suite, and learn new ways to think about early numeracy. This requires no preparation, and is free: just show up, play, and learn! The next opportunity is January 25th, 4 PM EST (New York) time. Click here to sign up. You will be taken to check-out with a free product.

See you online!

Yelena McManaman, Dr. Maria Droujkova, and the Natural Math crew


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