Math Goggles #6 – Let’s Read Math Story

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March is a great month for math holidays. First Wednesday of the month is the World Maths Day. Right after it comes the World Science Day. Then, of course, there’s the Pi Day. But first, at least this year, comes the Read Across America Day. So this week’s Math Goggles challenge is to pick up and read a fun math book. If you are not sure what Math Goggles Challenges are all about, check here first. If you are not sure how a math book can be fun, read on.

Math books can be boring, but so can non-math books. But just like non-math books can be fascinating, interesting, intriguing, beautiful, witty, uproariously funny, thoughtful, and in general unputdownable, so can many math books. The key is to find the book that speaks to you. Check out the’s huge reading list, ask a librarian, do an online search or see what comes up on Amazon when you type in “math book” or “book about math” or search for a particular math term in their Books section.

Don’t limit yourself in your search. Don’t limit just to what you already know! In fact, there are some terrific books to be found if you search for “don’t know about math”. Most importantly, do not restrict your search to books for grown-ups. Why should you? Some of our most favorite and beloved books are the children’s books.

So what are you waiting for? This week, find your own great math book, enjoy it, and share with us! I’ll be reading Theoni Pappas “Fractals, Googols and Other Mathematical Tales“. And what about you?

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