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My Kingdom on the Wall!

Kingdom on the Wall

This week wrapped up our live session of Kingdom on the Wall! What fun! We had an amazing, international group! I think I learned more physics in two days than I had before! I’m not the only one that felt

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Summer Camps for Kids!

Summer Camps

Are you looking for a fun adventure for a child in your life? Are you hoping to keep up the math skills during the summer? Have you wished that your kids could play math with other like minded kids? Do

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Making Rice & Understanding Circumference

pot of rice

Rice and circumference go together? Why, yes, they do! Yesterday, I was playing with the Going in Circles spark from the Inspired by Calculus class with my online class and my children. We did this activity. We had so much

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Poetry and Graphing Lines

Graph poetry

I recently struggled to understand limits in Calculus. One math problem in particular made me really unsure of what I was doing. I ended up asking Maria to help me understand the limit as x approached infinity. As she and

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