My Kingdom on the Wall!

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This week wrapped up our live session of Kingdom on the Wall! What fun! We had an amazing, international group! I think I learned more physics in two days than I had before! I’m not the only one that felt that way either! The magic glass of water spurred some fun activities for my children, but what I loved seeing happen the most was the balancing activity.

I set the supplies on the table and left, planning to come back in a bit. My children grabbed the supplies and started playing around before I returned. (You don’t see the 9 year old who loved helping!) It didn’t take them long to outwit gravity!


We started out trying to balance on the lens cleaner bottle, but got the salad dressing for a larger base. He immediately plopped the lens cleaner on top and loved that he could put things anywhere and it would stay balanced!



His finished tower (for now!)



He wanted to pull a goofy face, but he was proud of putting that final paper on top and getting it to balance. It was like outwitting it!



Wait look! I can just stack those plates with bottles between them and balance whatever I want! Doesn’t take them long to figure out some basic principles of balance, mass, and torque does it?

Want to try some yourself?

Irina Malkin’s book, Kingdom on the Wall is coming out soon. You can help crowdfund it. Email to learn how.

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