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Have you seen our first newsletter? Then you are familiar with our mascot, Moby Snoodles, the math whale. If not, here is the link and don’t forget to sign up through the form in the side bar or here. You might be wondering why do we need a newsletter. Or you might be wondering why would you read it. So here are some answers:

1. Book Updates

Thanks to many of you, this project, a book of advanced math games for very young children, has become a reality. We are working on putting it all together and would like to keep you informed of our progress. Plus, we want to share with you not just the finished and polished book, but take you on behind-the-scenes tour of its development.

2. Stories

If math is indeed all around us, then why is it oftentimes so hard to notice? Maybe it’s exactly because math is all-pervasive, woven into the fabric of our daily lives. We think of math as numbers. Yet our daily life is not expressed in numbers, but rather a narrative, a story. Stories fascinate, surprise, delight us, adults and children alike. We think sharing math stories, ours and our friends, will help us get better at recognizing math in our daily experiences.

3. Beautiful Lapware

Do you know what else is fascinating, surprising and delightful? Toys! We can’t bring you regular toys, so instead we find free online activities and games that help your children create beautiful math in a matter of seconds. We call them lapware. We usually post links to them on our Facebook page. Once in a while we find a particularly engaging lapware which we will highlight in the newsletter.

Of course, we would love to hear your feedback. How can we improve our newsletter to make it even more interesting and helpful for you? Remember, you can always Reply to our newsletter via e-mail (Moby has his own e-mail box, leave a comment on our Facebook page or on this blog. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t done so yet.


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