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Kids Build Together – Math Readiness in Early Childhood

What is math readiness? Is it really possible to teach math readiness to very young children – toddlers and preschoolers? What does it look like? For several years Carolyn Galbraith ran a play and learning center, focusing on math readiness

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Avoid Hard Work is Lots of Fun!

I recently had the chance to play around with the newest book here at Natural Math called Avoid Hard Work…and other Encouraging Mathematical Problem-Solving Tips for the Young, the Very Young, and the Young at Heart, by Maria Droujkova, James

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What Math Do You Have in Your House?

Last Saturday was crazy! The mini-Maker Faire NC was a large, noisy, bright and exciting event. 6000 people of all ages spent 8 hours 3D printing, sewing wearable electronics bowties, creating music with a few carrots and a MakeyMakey kit,

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Paper Weaving and Grid Games

Patrick Honner’s Moebius Noodles guest post on mathematical paper weaving was very inspiring to me. Mathematical weaving employs one of my favorite making materials – colored paper!  It was actually sort of challenging to get started, but after playing around

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