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Love of Learning Math Circle Diary

It’s Shelley here again with A Math Circle Journey. I started an online math circle for kids about 3-5th grade back in September. It has been going better than I thought! My hope with blogging about it is to share

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Family math: baby trinomials, can’t get 20 bagels, symmetry yoga aftermath

Baby Trinomial Cube

This is a collection of math sparks friends of Natural Math send us. Have something little (or big) to share? Email your videos, pictures, or text to maria@naturalmath.com Sheryl Morris shares a a photo of playtime with a body-size Montessori Trinomial

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Math Goggles #8 – Make a Puzzle

Moby Snoodles Math Googles

This week’s challenge is a bit late, but better late than never. And the reason it’s late is because I was too busy playing  exploring math with my son’s Legos. Anyway, are you ready for this week’s Math Goggles Challenge?

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Math Goggles #5 – From Cleanliness to Mathyness

What’s washing dishes got to do with math? The answer is in this week’s Math Goggles. Oh, and you get a chance to get your home cleaner and mathy-er. If you are new to Math Goggles and not sure what

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