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Kids Build Together – Math Readiness in Early Childhood

What is math readiness? Is it really possible to teach math readiness to very young children – toddlers and preschoolers? What does it look like? For several years Carolyn Galbraith ran a play and learning center, focusing on math readiness

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Math Circles for Elementary School Students – Book Review

Why are there so few math circles, particularly for younger children? One of the reasons is the belief that very young kids are simply not ready for complex math. Another reason is that finding deep and engaging math activities, adapted

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Math Storytelling Day: Featuring Carol and the CHS Teen Algebra Club

Today is The Day! March 25th, the Math Storytelling Day is here. And we are sharing with you math stories (in verse and in drawings) sent by Carol and the students at the CHS Teen Algebra Club. Telling stories helps

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1001 Leaders – Interview with Jane Kats

Jane Katz chalk graphs

This is an interview with Jane Kats, an early childhood educator, math circle leader, author and math enthusiast. Jane talks about her math circles, what parents can do to help kids enjoy math, and what they should avoid. Jane shares

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