mpsMOOC13 Observer July 1: Problem groups 1-3, and the course space

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This is news from participants in the open online course Problem Solving for the Young, the Very Young, and the Young at Heart.


These are our course tasks and due dates.

By July 3: Sign up.

  1. Log in to the question and answer hub Ask Moby Snoodles.
  2. Leave a comment with your answers to the four questions.
  3. Schedule a short video or voice conference.

By July 7: Plan the first three problem groups and share the plans.

Zome Bubble Modeling

Course space

Most course activities happen at the question and answer forum. Only participants who answered the sign-up questions can post there. That’s why the sign-up questions are in a separate place. It’s lovely to see all the different participants and their goals! Many people share interests, such as board games.

Elyse: I am a homeschool mom of five. I like reading, crafting and cooking. I like to play word games and solve crossword puzzles online and play board and card games with my children.

Adam: I am a mathematics professor at California State University Fullerton and I, with my wife, homeschool our three sons. I really enjoy playing board games (Carcassonne, Dominion, Pandemic, etc.), tennis, and talking about math. I read about the course on the blog, “Let’s Play Math!”. My personal blog is and my professional site is at

Marianna: I am a meditation teacher (before – owner of a shop for mothers, before – computer programmer). I’ve always loved math, and my husband and my son love it too. I like to solve puzzles, to play board games, to walk, swim and run, and to live in general. I am Russian and I live in Russia. My blog is and my web-site is

Here is how to post questions to all participants.

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