SAS family math event, September 26th 2013

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SAS September 26, 2013

  • We will be planning a fancy tea party – for math. So we can do math with friends!
  • I have several grandparents who may be interested in a Math Circle for their grandchildren. We grandparents have good opportunities for math, because we have dedicated time with the children.
  • Can we do something mathy with Minecraft? My kids love it!
  • I am worried about my girl. How can we help little girls in mathematics?

These are some of the comments from the meeting Yelena McManaman and I led at SAS. We presented our Early Algebra ideas, talked about baby math a bit, and discussed Math Circles. We sold more book than there were people present, since participants bought gifts for friends.

Again and again, we hear that people need know-how and support for forming local, friendly math groups they can enjoy with their kids. We will be helping SAS parents and grandparents with that. How can we help people elsewhere? We need to build stronger networks!

Thanks to Dana Aberhold for organizing the meeting!

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