Family math: baby trinomials, can’t get 20 bagels, symmetry yoga aftermath

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This is a collection of math sparks friends of Natural Math send us. Have something little (or big) to share? Email your videos, pictures, or text to

Sheryl Morris shares a a photo of playtime with a body-size Montessori Trinomial Cube from her colleague Martine Hestnes Healy from Cork, Ireland. Yay for baby algebra!

Baby Trinomial Cube

Dragan Tminic and Dor Abarahamson share a found picture. I used their comments for the caption:

Proportional Bagels

Jennifer Rukhra writes:

After a round of symmetry yoga, my boys enthusiastically jumped into making these symmetrical paper cutouts. In the process, I said, “Isn’t math awesome?” And my oldest exclaimed, “This is math?!?” Find his Darth Vader mask in the attached photo.

We have four chapters of symmetry games in the Moebius Noodles book, including movement games and paper cutouts. Symmetry Yoga is Jennifer’s own invention.

Symmetry Yoga Aftermath

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