Kingdom on the Wall, Multiplication is Calculus, Math Inspirations: Newsletter March 23, 2016

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Kingdom on the Wall: a new Physics+Math+Art adventure for your children!

HIGHLIGHTS of what your children and you get from our new workshop: all Kingdom on the Wall recordings; advanced topics in algebra and geometry made accessible; cross-discipline experience in physics+math+art; live meetings with leaders and participants from all over the world.

  • What: A two-day online workshop on physics+math explorations for your and your children ages 3 to 12. Topics include center of gravity, symmetry and ratios in algebra, spatial transformations in optics and geometry, and more.
  • Why: Learn how to help your children play with rich, beautiful, and deep math and physics concepts.
  • Who: 25 parents, teachers, math circle leaders, and their children, with Dr. Irina Malkin Ondik and Shelley Nash as organizers.
  • When: Live meetings April 7 and 12 at 1:00 PM EDT (New York) = 7:00 PM CEST (Paris).

Go to the Kingdom on the Wall page and grab two Math Sparks to explore optics and gravity – while playing with algebra and geometry.

Multiplication is calculus? And my five-year-old can do it?

One of our most popular online courses is Multiplication Explorers. It is artistic, creative, and a little bit wild. Next week, we are offering a LIVE intro into the large self-paced collection of activities, videos, and discussions.

HIGHLIGHTS of what your children and you get with this workshop: all past and future Multiplication Explorers recordings; bridges to topics in calculus and algebra; understanding, appreciation, and smart memory skills for multiplication.

  • What: An intensive two-day online workshop on multiplication for parents and teachers with children ages 3 and up, PLUS access to the online course materials and forum.
  • Why: Learn how to help your children play with rich and beautiful math.
  • Who: 25 parents, teachers, math circle leaders, and their children, with Marina Kopylova and Sally Bishop as organizers.
  • When: Live meetings March 28 and 30 at noon-1:30 PM EST (New York).

Go to the course page for sample Math Sparks and more info.

P.S. When you ask children to show their creation, they lift it up – as if looking at the world through mathematics:

This beautiful photo is from the Little Chalk blog.

Free and open Math Future event


Come help the Natural Math crew interview leaders of projects that make mathematical futures happen. Meet other people who care about math ed, listen to a short presentation from the guest speaker, and ask questions about the future of teaching and learning mathematics – happening now!

On Friday March 25, we will talk with Emily Dyke of Math Inspirations. The right math experience is challenging, purposeful, and fun, while meeting your unique, individual goals. Math Inspirations exists to teach students and parents to take ownership of their math experience and empower them with a system that makes their efforts fruitful.

Join us live, or check out recordings of other Math Future events since 2009.

Dr. Maria Droujkova and the Natural Math crew


Questions? Email or ask in comments to this page.

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