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From buttons to the multiplication blind spots

My kids love playing with our button collection. Who does not? Buttons are colorful, cute, interesting objects. They are also an incredibly useful mathematical manipulative – a tangible representation of a set. Today we have decided to arrange 1, 2,

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Math art collections: favorites on Pinterest

Built Faces

Here are three things we at Natural Math like to do with other people’s mathematical collections on Pinterest. Try for yourself if you have not yet. Browse a favorite collection, relax to beautiful images and videos, and meditate. Invite your children

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Fundamental Ideas of Calculus – a survey

Foam islands

What is one central idea of calculus you would want everyone in the world to understand? Add your ideas in comments.

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Math Circles for Elementary School Students – Book Review

Why are there so few math circles, particularly for younger children? One of the reasons is the belief that very young kids are simply not ready for complex math. Another reason is that finding deep and engaging math activities, adapted

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