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Math mind hacks: Make mistakes on purpose

Make Mistakes

Tweet Turn making mistakes into a game. Make as many mistakes as you can in one problem. Can you make huge mistakes? Tiny, subtle mistakes? Clever mistakes and silly mistakes? This game helps to prevent, or cure, math anxiety. Here

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Math mind hacks: Guesstimate


Photo from Technology Rich Inquiry Based Research. Estimation is a skill everyone uses. You estimate how much cheese is enough for your party, or how long it takes you to drive to your friend’s house. But some people estimate much

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Math mind hacks: spaced repetition

Spaced repetition

You can memorize ten or even hundred times faster (compared to cramming) if you review learned material at spaced intervals. The spaced repetition method is most appropriate for small, particular facts you need to recall quickly, such as terms, or

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Math mind hacks: make predictions!

Make Predictions

Help your child learn this practice by asking prediction questions: What do you think will happen? What will change if we make the numbers different? What do you think this new term may mean? Encourage children to guess. This is

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