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From buttons to the multiplication blind spots

a new arrangement

My kids love playing with our button collection. Who does not? Buttons are colorful, cute, interesting objects. They are also an incredibly useful mathematical manipulative – a tangible representation of a set. Today we have decided to arrange 1, 2,

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Math Storytelling: Lisa’s Story

reference materials

Lisa G. McCarville is a mother, educator and learning consultant who is working to help people shift their mindsets about what learning is. Lisa is a differently abled person and an advocate for all learners. Lisa works as a writer

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Bojagi: Cute multiplication puzzles by and for families

Bojagi 12

Multiplication is not just repeated addition, but what is it? From Montessori beads to algebra tiles, many developers claim the array and area models are great for growing children’s conceptual understanding and fluency in multiplication. You can go on scavenger hunts for

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How to Make Multiplication Tables with Perler Beads

Multiplication with Perler Beads

My child has been playing with Perler beads for a while now making all sorts of things, including a map of Minecraft. So when I suggested making a multiplication table, the kid was very interested. Except a) I didn’t have

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