Math Trek – Scavenger Hunt for Math Treasure

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If you are looking for a fun way to experience math with your child, then how about a math-themed scavenger hunt? After all, even very young children love looking for treasure! If you are on board with this idea, then check out our sister site, Math Trek. (At the time of this post, Math Trek’s page has only the most recent trek uploaded, but that will change since the treks are held monthly. In the mean time, you can find previous Treks here)  

You can download your own copy of the clues from the Trek site and try playing it with your child. Math Trek clues are designed so that they can be adapted to different ages. With young children, you will need to do some interpreting to adjust the clues to your child’s age and math level.

Here’s the most important part though – give your child a camera. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. A point-and-shoot one will do. Explain that she will need to take pictures of all the math treasures she finds and discoveries she makes along the way. And if your child feels like taking random pictures, that’s good too.

The latest Math Trek took place in the auto shop. While you might not be able to get onto the shop floor, you might still do a car-related version of this trek… in your very own driveway or garage. So grab your camera and discover math right outside your front door!


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