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The Dot and the Line Math Trek

Trek Card

Math Trek is a scavenger hunt game for families or informal groups. You walk around, discover math using the clues on the Trek Card, and take pictures of it. During our Math Treks participants tell us about a strong, pleasant, slightly

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One to one hundred: a series of posters from Mark Gonyea

Mark Gonyea 100 patterns

Mark Gonyea is an artist and graphic designer who recently crowd-funded an inventive and elegant series of 100-charts. The artwork caught my eye because the patterns were both adventurous and algebraic. Want to borrow my math goggles? Go on a

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Math goggles: subitizing, unitizing, counting

Does instant recognition of numbers undermine the number sense?

Math goggles help you notice math everywhere. Here is something to notice: mathematics is not about numbers, it’s about patterns. When mathematicians deal with numbers, they use systems and formulas. Young mathematicians can start learning this wizardry from simple visual patterns.

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Math goggles: tasty sphere packing around the world

Sphere Packing

Math goggles help you notice math everywhere. Maria João Lagarto has great math goggles when she makes adventurous Pinterest collections. For this post, I selected examples of round fruits, confections, and other morsels packed into triangles, pyramids, or cones. Even the

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