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Gummy Bear Go! Game

Probabilities game for kids

This is the game my son and I are calling “Gummy Bear Go!” even though most of the time we play it with paperclips instead of treats. I got this game from the Russian mathematician Alexander Zvonkin’s book “Math from

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Learning Math with Board Games

board games for math skills

What are you more willing to buy for your child, a toy or a board game? Personally, while I cringe and say “no” every time my son asks me for a toy, I would happily indulge him if he asked

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Peas and Carrots Math

A few days ago my 5-year old and I were busy picking peas in our vegetable garden. The 30 or so pea pods looked so delicious, that we decided to eat them right away. And since shelling pea pods takes

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Pre-K Money Math

I’ve started giving my 5-year old an allowance of $2 per week. Last week he didn’t get to spend any of his money. So before going to a flea market I reminded him that he had not $2, but $4

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